Sparkly Witch and The King of the Xbox

Ever since I totally forgot about Beggar’s Night* one year, I have considered myself a terrible Halloween parent.

It was 2000-something… After working all day I picked the kids up from an empty daycare to soon realize that all the other kid had been picked up an hour earlier to prepare for that night’s Trick-or-Treat. My daughter’s costume happened to be in the car but I didn’t have a costume for my son. If we hurried we might catch the last hour. We wouldn’t be able to go in our neighborhood. We wouldn’t have our cute pumpkins or glow sticks. But we could make it.

We didn’t hit much traffic on our way to Target, where we grabbed a ‘Bob the Builder’ costume to fill the void. We already had a ‘Darth Vader’ costume at home but if we went all the way home we would have missed it. We made it back with 37 minutes of trick or treating.

I remember that as the ‘Griswold‘ styled Halloween – me carrying two preschoolers in the most inconvenient “potty” attire on the planet, running house to house with two plastic Macy’s bags. Their coats were half on, at least one shoe went missing. Side note: if that year taught me nothing more – it reinforced the “no props” rule.

In the last few years I have made up for Halloween by hosting pretty elaborate Halloween parties. There are usually 30+ kids in full costume with various parents and brave friends who help.

We don’t have these kinds of snacks, but we do have worm punch.

And witches.

At least one rockin’ Zombie Doctor…

And our own local cemetery. (Well actually about 30 if them.)

Although it took me two tries to perfect making a homemade Xbox controller – we eventually got it right.  Eventually. And on what might be their last Beggar’s Night… my ‘Sparkly Witch and King of the Xbox’ hit the streets. On time. With both shoes. And glow sticks.

Do you have any *shake your head* trick-or-treat stories?

*Apparently where I live they don’t allow Trick-or-Treating on Sundays so if the 31st falls on a Sunday it is scheduled for the prior Thursday night. I guess it’s all in the marketing.
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2 Responses to Sparkly Witch and The King of the Xbox

  1. Hey, that worm punch looks great to me! Thanks for linking to them above, and I’m here to tell you you can totally make the Deviled Spider Eggs. They’re easy!

  2. Heather says:

    LOVE the worm punch! And your kids look great!

    As we speak, my SIL is rummaging through her costume bin to find a last minute costume for my daughter. Note to self, don’t travel 700 miles with a costume that you haven’t tried on. It’s guaranteed to be too small and you won’t realize it in time to go and buy a replacement!

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